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Sharing of assets means profit
Your intelligent marketplace for sharing all kinds of industrial assets across every sector.
Idle asset means losses
Most enterprises have an average utilization rate for movable industrial assets of around 30%. Assets are used seasonally and often on a short-term basis. Agricultural equipment is used only during a specific time of year and can vary by several weeks due to large-scale weather changes. Sometimes, assets have to be mobilized as quickly as possible. Conditions can sometimes result in an unexpected surge in asset needs.
We have a solution - reconnecting market via B-Sharing far beyond an on demand platform
Idle assets
Share on demand via secure platform with proactive matching and rewards

User community
Meet our team
We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with a broad range of experience in IT projects, industrial activities, and finance.
Ilya Shkabara
Team Leader
Ilya is the heart of the team and the engine of the project. His extensive analytical experience allows him to spot, identify, define, and pursue business opportunities.
Alexey Andreev
Alexey is an entrepreneur and an industrial designer. He was behind introducing BIM technologies as a new World Skills championship discipline.
Alexander Kalinichenko
For the last 15 years, Alexander held the roles of CEO and CFO in FMCG, agriculture, and real estate development. He has a big experience in operations, budgeting, negotiating with banks and investors, and dealing with seasonal or other business disruptions.
George Kuzin
George is an expert in discovering hidden demand and creating a perfect response in a form of a product. He served as a Board member and COO for a real estate company with assets worth over $5B.
Gregory Reut
Business Development
Greg is focused on customer needs and satisfaction. He's been helping partners and end users from over 60 countries to get most out of their products and services.
Eduard Shkabara
Eduard is an artist and creator who denies stereotypes. His ideas carry the team forward.

E-mail: if.nl@mail.ru